Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for Norton Custom Library?
We recommend that you use the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari. Adobe Flash Player is required for online viewing of chapters and custom books. At this time, Microsoft Edge is not supported.
How do I create my book?
The Norton Custom Library (NCL) allows you to browse content by course and create your book by selecting and reordering readings or chapters, customizing your cover, previewing your book, and requesting an ISBN. The system provides a price per selection and a running price as you create your book. The final edition will contain a custom table of contents and will be paginated sequentially. Certain disciplines also provide a customized index for the textbook selections.
Can I browse the site without registering?
Yes, you can browse the NCL content without registering. Once you begin to add selections to your book, you’ll be asked to register. Registering allows you to save your work and return to it later.
Why are some of the selections not viewable as I browse?
Permissions restrictions prevent Norton Custom Library from displaying some selections digitally. If you need to refer to a chapter of a Norton text, please contact your Norton sales representative: Once you have created your book and requested an ISBN, you will have the opportunity to view your entire custom book, at which point all of the selections will be fully viewable via the My Custom Projects tab.
Is there a way to see which selections are available in Ebook format?
Most of the selections in Composition Mix and Literature Mix are available in Ebook format; you can identify which are available digitally by checking the box in the upper left corner, “Show content available as ebook,” as you create your book. Availability in digital format depends on which selections offer permission for digital custom use.
Are there limitations regarding the page count or enrollment?
Your book must be at least 80 pages long. For a print book, your bookstore’s initial order must be at least 25 copies. A minimum of 10 copies must be ordered per reprint. For an Ebook, you must require the book in your course and expect at least 25 students to purchase it.
Can I add content to my custom book?
Yes, up to 20 percent of your custom book can consist of added material, either original content of your own (meaning your own original writing, questions, syllabi, or anything to which you own the exclusive copyright), third-party content for which necessary permissions have been cleared, or a combination of both. If you wish to include third-party content for which someone else holds the copyright, please see “Do I need to clear permissions?” below.
Follow the instructions on the site to upload original content; they will guide you through the process. Your original material will not be modified or edited prior to printing. Follow these tips to ensure that your material will render as expected:
  • Upload original material as either a Word document or a PDF.
  • Choose fonts that are commonly used and don’t require licensing (e.g., Times New Roman, Arial).
  • Avoid using page numbers, chapter numbers, and other references within your content.
  • In Microsoft Word, prepare your content with margins set to an 8.5 x 11” page size, unless creating an anthology or a reader, in which case set them to a 5.5 x 8.25” page size.
  • Maintain margins with a minimum of 0.25” on the top and sides and 0.50” at the bottom of each page to allow clearance for proper printing and page numbering.
  • Be sure to use portrait orientation (8.5 x 11”). (Note that using landscape orientation [11 x 8.5”] can cause content to be reduced or cut off.)
  • Higher resolution images work best when printed; 300 dpi (dots per inch) or higher is ideal.
  • Finally, ensure that all content submitted as original material is your own; any material that is not your own may require permission clearance (see below).
Uploads of files over 30 megabytes are not supported.

Important Note: The above instructions are for original and fully licensed material only. Please do not upload any material for which you do not own or control all applicable rights. For third-party material, please see “Do I need to clear permissions?” below.
Do I need to clear permissions?
Third-party material is material for which another individual or entity holds rights. This includes text such as excerpted prose, poetry, or lyrics, and images such as photos, maps, graphs, and other art. Note that material you download from the Internet is third-party material and may require permission. Be aware that some permissions require significant time to obtain or are exceedingly expensive. You are responsible for clearing and paying for any permissions for third-party content before production can begin on your custom book. If you plan to require over 500 students to purchase the custom book, Norton will work with you to seek the required permission; please contact your Norton sales rep to initiate this process.
Will I have a choice of printing my custom book in black & white or color?
You must choose to print each custom book entirely in either black & white or color. If your book includes any color pages, it must be printed on a color printing press at the higher price per page. For this reason, Norton Custom Library offers the option of printing color pages in black & white to allow you to keep prices low. Also note that if all of your selections are in black & white, the book cannot be printed in color.
What bindings/formats are available?
Most of our custom books are printed in paperback, but other available formats include paperback with perforation and 3-hole punch, loose-leaf with 3-hole punch, plastic coil, plastic coil with perforation and 3-hole punch, and (for Composition Mix and Literature Mix only) Ebook. You must choose a single format for each custom book; we recommend paperback for anything other than a lab manual. Some trim sizes cannot accommodate some formats.
If an Internet interruption occurs while I’m creating a custom book, will my work be saved?
Yes, your work will be saved and will be available when you next log in to Norton Custom Library.
How much will my custom book cost?
The price of your custom book will appear dynamically in the Prices column on the right side of your screen. As you add or delete material, the price automatically adjusts. For most selections, the net base price is $8.00 plus 9 cents per page for black & white printing, 14 cents per page for color printing, and 7 cents per page for Ebooks. Some content, such as labs or plays, may be priced by the selection rather than by the page. These prices are clearly reflected in the Prices column on the right as you create your book. All prices are in U.S. dollars.
Can I see what my custom book will look like before I order it?
Yes, you can view the entire custom book you’ve created after you have requested your ISBN. Your custom book will appear when you click “My Custom Projects,” the green tab near the top of your Norton Custom Library home page. Click on the cover image, and a complete preview will be viewable (please allow a few minutes to load).
Can I package my print custom book with a Norton textbook?
Yes, you’ll have the opportunity to request a book package in Step 3, the “Finish” stage. A package provides for a discounted price for all items in the bundle. You’ll receive an email from your Norton Custom editor with the final discounted package price and ISBN. This is the ISBN you should provide to your bookstore. If you decide to bundle your custom book, please allow 1–2 additional weeks for delivery.
How can I contact Support, or Help, with the Norton Custom Library?
In the green bar at the top of your screen, you’ll see “Contact Your Custom Editor.” You can contact us with questions about creating your custom book, and we’ll respond as soon as possible. If you need technical support, click here.
Why is it so important to ask my bookstore to order my print-format Norton Custom Library title at least 8 weeks (2 months) before classes start?
Your custom order cannot be sent to the printer until your bookstore submits its order to Norton; the bookstore’s order quantity determines the number of copies to print. Without the bookstore order, Norton cannot have your book printed. Estimated printing and shipping time is 6–8 weeks, plus 1–2 weeks if you want your book bundled with a Norton textbook. In the rare event that Norton is clearing permissions for third-party content, the delivery time is estimated at 20–24 weeks (5–6 months) after the content has been requested, to allow time to obtain permission from the rights holder(s).
What happens after I confirm my order to create a custom print book?
Your ISBN will display on a confirmation page immediately after you submit your book, and you will receive an email from your Norton Custom editor providing a package ISBN, if you requested one. Once you provide that ISBN to the bookstore and after Norton receives the bookstore order, the books will be produced. Your bookstore must send us a purchase order before we can begin production.
How long will my custom print book take to publish?
Depending on the option you have chosen, it will take approximately 4–6 weeks from the receipt of the bookstore order, plus 1–2 weeks if we need to bundle with another Norton product. Canadian orders will take longer, since they must pass through Customs. In order for bookstores to receive print custom books in time for classes, we strongly advise them to place their order 8 weeks prior to the class start date.

Note that bundling your custom book with a Norton textbook can save students money, but the bundling process can add one or two additional weeks to order-processing time. When you submit the ISBN to your bookstore, please ask them to order early.
How do I get an ISBN?
Your ISBN will display on the confirmation screen as soon as you submit your project. Your Norton Custom editor will provide you with your package ISBN, if you requested one, several days after you submit your project. If you are packaging your Norton Custom Library title with another Norton textbook, please give ONLY the package ISBN to your bookstore (not the ISBN for your NCL title alone).
If I choose Ebook format for my Composition Mix or Literature Mix text, when will it become available to students and how will I be notified?
After you respond to the confirmation email from your Norton Custom editor, confirming that you plan to require the Ebook in class, it will take 4–6 weeks to produce the Ebook. Your Norton editor will then send you a URL that allows students to purchase your custom Ebook.
If I choose Ebook format for my Composition Mix or Literature Mix text, how will my students access my book?
Once the Ebook is produced, your Norton Custom editor will provide you with a URL to share with your students. Your students can purchase their Norton Custom Library Ebook via this URL.
How long will it take to reprint my custom book?
Creating custom books through our database is a print-on-demand service. We do not produce custom books until bookstore orders are received, and we print only enough to fulfill the current orders in place. Therefore, a reprint takes the same amount of time as the initial printing—4–6 weeks, with an additional 1–2 weeks if you bundle with a Norton textbook. Please encourage your bookstore to place an order for your full enrollment, and encourage your students to purchase the books.
Why is Norton Custom Library available only to U.S. and Canadian customers?
Because Norton Custom Library is a print-on-demand publishing program, Norton cannot ship custom-published materials internationally in a timely fashion. Permissions issues also prevent Norton from fulfilling orders internationally for some selections.
How will students purchase a Norton Custom Library print-format title?
Once the bookstore has placed an order with Norton Custom Library, your custom book will be produced and shipped to the bookstore for purchase.
Can Norton Custom Library print-format titles be returned?
There is a maximum of 10 percent returns for any Norton Custom Library title, and returns will be accepted for one year after purchase.